Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ophelia and Other Weird Tales is the first fiction publication by writer, paranormalist, and mythologist Chris Ebert. Under the pen name Christos Ahriman, Chris previously ghost wrote the non-fiction work Modern Voodoo, already available on amazon.com, with Voodoo Priestess Maria Burton and has been a featured writer in the international political satire magazine The Spoof. Ophelia, due out in preview in May 2008 and full release from Createspace Publications in June 2008, features many all new stories as well as many of Chris's older stories previously available only in limited circulation magazines and private websites.

Excerpts are available for perusal below for the Nightwatch audience as well as contact information for the author. A special short, short story, A Hollow Sleep, is presented below in its entirety.

The tales below as well as many more will be featured in the upcoming short story collection. The author welcomes feedback and questions on his writing, research projects, and interviews, and where possible will attempt to answer all queries personally.

Slated Contents

The Ghastly Beastly Awful Thing
Belle Ilitu
A Hollow Sleep
The Dust and the Breath
Zero to the Bone

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