Friday, April 18, 2008

Belle Ilitu (excerpt)

Ilitu or Lilith, mistakenly known as Adam's first wife in the Bible, the night queen of Babylonian myth, and the first succubus is finally allowed to come into the light and let her full story be told. Ethan Rhys Davies, an explorer who has been cursed to walk the Earth undead for 100 years, is just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and fend off the annoying vampire who wants his magic amulet, when he's kidnapped by a paramilitary paranormal investigation group who seek his aid in their latest discovery; Ilitu's sarcophagus. Friendship and love can sometimes blossom in the strangest and most desolate of places...

It took Ethan a good 90 seconds to catch up to Santos. It was not the first sight he saw that would shock him.

Heard had been killed by someone’s friendly fire. Pratt and Finken were surrounded by a blue light as they grew withered and desiccated in front of Ethan’s eyes, their life energies being drawn into a figure, female, and winged who stood on the crest of a sand dune framed by the full moon. Santos was lying on the ground, nude from the waist down but still with her military fatigues on from the waist up, her bare legs and feet writhing in the sand, and Pastoriza had his shirt off, but was fully dressed from the waist down, burying his head at the feet of the creature. It was as if they writhed in sexual ecstasy and abject horror in the same moment. Not that these two forces were married in an elaborate, Sado-Masochistic way, but in a primal, animal way that would have been alien to the Marquis De Sade.

When her task was complete the creature turned toward Ethan.

“A statue”, she thought as no life came from it, and Ilitu walked toward it curious as to what god these beings carved for themselves now..

“No.. a phantom.. for it moves..”, she said with her inner monolog. And then it occurred to her. She was thinking. She had thought again. The rage and pain had subsided enough to think. “I am Ilitu..” she thought… “I have a name”…

What was this creature Ilitu wondered.

What was this creature Ethan wondered. He could see her now. She was nude, human, female, but with wings. Feathered black like a Raven’s. Her breasts and hips and stomach were curved like a woman at full maturity, but her limbs slender like a girls at the onset of maidenhood. The sent of her sex transmitted to him through the amulet and brought him as close to waking as the dead could wake, and he looked at her. Her hair was wild, like a main of a lioness. Lionesses didn’t have manes, he knew, but that’s what it looked like. She was terrible and beautiful. And he felt drawn to her… “But I can’t feel anything…” he thought. Yet he did.

Ilitu stretched out her hand toward the being’s shoulder, sure it would prove to be all fog, but it had mass.

“You’re on fire inside”, she said, “but you’re frozen”, and suddenly, this creature’s death like form seemed horribly sad and wrong and salt tears streamed down her cheeks.

“You’re burning” he said not knowing where the words came from, “but inside.. empty”.. and tears would have filled his eyes at the cosmic injustice of her plight if his tear ducts could have produced them.

Ilitu would have known for certain that he was no phantom when her hand touched his shoulder.

But before the thought could be realized, something occurred that should not have been possible. The Universe and the myriad dimensions or Multiverses in which it swam had not planned on and were not designed for her simple touch to him.

And Everything hiccupped.

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