Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ophelia and Other Weird Tales Released!

Yes, that's right, Ophelia and Other Weird Tales has been released after some delays, and just in time for Halloween! Be sure to listen to Chris Ebert on Nightwatch with Todd Sheets when Chris will be on, either the 10:00 pm or 11:00 p.m. slot, yet to be determined, on Tuesday, October 28th. Stay tuned for more details.
You can find your local affiliate or stream the show live at:

The topic will be the Supernatural: In Movies, Myth, and Reality. It ought to be a great show. Including Chris's new public challenge to all ghost researchers, both believers and skeptics for a complete paradigm shift in how we conduct ghost research, to be announced during the "Ghost" portion of the show. And the winners of the Ophelia Book Contest will be announced via email right the day after the show!

And now, of course, how can I buy Ophelia, you ask? Well, you can buy from good ol' amazon.com. by clicking on


Or you can order directly from the publisher's website. Ophelia won't be in some stores for several weeks, but, you can have her now. The book will arrive to you only a few days after ordering.


We ended up having 11 stories total!

Belle Ilitu
The Dust and the Breath
The Ghastly Beastly Awful Thing
The Unjustified Man
Zero to the Bone
A Hollow Sleep

Despite setbacks, the book is out. Hurry and get the Limited First Edition Printing, which we guarantee to be available at least until January 15, 2009! Hope to see you all in New York for the launch celebration!