Monday, April 21, 2008

Ophelia (exclusive preview)

How far would you go to save someone you loved? A disfigured man, his pet spider, and Lovecraftian Old Ones battle Death, Time, Fate, the Universe, and even God himself. With Great Cthulhu and Ophelia the spider by his side, our hero must clash with every god and demon of all space and time to reunite with the woman he loves and save reality itself from its own corruption.

At this command, I shot some missle of thought in all directions, and gave to this void, an illusion of the world I knew. I fabricated three dimensions of space, and one of time, and one of possibility. And to those in this place, I assigned forms they represented, or perhaps had been the original source of.

The great presence I was before was now clear. I knew it well. From reading, and from dreams, and from instinct. Simultaneous chimera of squid and man, winged and mighty, I stood in awe before Great Cthulhu! And he received me like a dignitary visiting from afar.

He was no danger to me. He did not wish to cause me madness. He sat on the last ripple of the known, and on the first ripple of the great without. He was not the keeper of the gate. He was it. And it was beyond him our final goal laid.

Yet, there was fear in this place. Spider, Pyramid, and Squid, all reared up, to face what pursued me. I am sure to my companions, the dogs at our heels could be viewed in their absolute form, and maybe even I could see them that way in that place, but just as I can only describe my allies as I remember them now, so too must I describe our foes.

It was Earth’s Gods. All of them. Wearing the masks man had made for them. The great bearded warrior leading the charge none other then Yahweh, Jehovah himself; Stripped of all his mystery and wisdom by man, and the habits and atrocities they had justified in his name, reduced, to pure enraged Old Testament form.

Behind him three columns. The first two were understandable. One made, up of all the angels and cherubim, the second of Satan, and all his demons, every monster of the pit!

And the third! It was the lesser gods! The Olympians, Ba’al, The Great Mother Goddess, Amon-Ra, Vishnu,, Quelotzicutil, Odin, Amaresse, Coyote, and a thousand other living idols. Some half human and animal, others like living elements, wind and fire gifted with purpose and mind. The Fates rode with this column. These lesser gods, perhaps once rivals to the All-Father on the other side, were released from their position subsumed within him, and united with him against a common enemy!

And outside the columns and at their side, great tapeworms, geometers, measures of things. These must be the gods of reason, and acceptance, resignation, and limitation! The worms were ridden by the prophets, Buddahs, and sires of all impractical philosophies and empty self contradictory Zen. Together they advanced with all the Hosts of Heaven, Hell, and Heathen!

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